Wednesday, 11 January 2012

New beginnings....

Welcome All!

First of all a belated Happy New Year, I do hope you all got appropriately MERRY and have enjoyed the passed festivities. With christmas decorations finally out of sight (slight sigh of relief) and the undergoing of some serious spring cleaning, new beginnings emerge and the detox begins! With a fresh new mindset one can finally get back to normality and begin the thrilling journey through 2012. For us Brits this year brings many exciting things, undoubtably the most obvious and exciting event the year will see is the Olympics. Now, although my love for horses and eventing is as great as my enthusiasm for the fashion industry, I have to admit that my main elation in connection with this event is how the olympics is influencing the latter. Already we see flourishing trends towards the sporting attire which will be 'MUST-HAVE'  key pieces this SS12 for the fashion conscious wardrobes (keep reading for blog updates on those must-have pieces for SS12).

So...with new beginnings in mind and with myself being a self-diagnosed slave to fashion, my resolution was to share my passions and experiences of the exhilarating world of fashion/beauty with fellow bloggers & the world at large. 11 days later (better late than never) and I have finally put my thoughts into action with this stamping the first of what I hope to be many insightful blogs and I am stupendously excited to finally begin my blogging journey! I am already ooozing with excitement for the year ahead, and with a green tea in hand, raring to share what I hope will be great knowledge and inside tips from my latest finds and personal influences.


L x 

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