Friday, 13 January 2012

Guilty Pleasure

 AS we cosy up on these crisp winter evenings, one finds themselves in a rather sombre mood, these dark and thoughtful moments create imagery of cosy fire lit evenings seduced by fur throws, silks and luxurious comforts. It is for those very delicious moments that have led me to indulge in a personal guilty pleasure...lingerie. Now, do not get me wrong, I am equally a fool for topshop '3 for £10' when it comes to selecting appropriate under garments.  This sensual fascination comes as a new adventure as I embark on my journey of womanhood, experimenting & building a worthy wardrobe that screams longevity, showcasing those key pieces that last a lifetime- remembering that less is indeed more (speaking in reference to investment pieces...not specifically referring to underwear so boys hold your horses & girls do keep knickers firmly on!). 

SO, it was much to my delight when the arrival of previously untouchable goods, the jewels of the seasonal sale, were placed gracefully for my exploration on my return home this week. The iconic baby pink box & perfectly tied black ribbon glittered as I indulged in the hollywood inspired classics of Agent provocateur. Depicting every inch of alluring luxury and tasteful class, Agent Provocateaur's delicate detailing, inspiring fantasy & graceful emotion has provoked my fascination, being openly seductive without portraying ones traditional set of values.

Offering upmarket lingerie sets, this world of deepest desires launched in the UK by son of British designer Vivienne Westwood and Sex Pistols Malcolm McCalren. Agent Provocateur cultivates a feeling of enchanting playfulness, pushing all boundaries to remain JUST inside this fictional box of apporpriateness, posing desirable and luxurious british fashion. 

I simply ADORE the inspirational creations and feel it is just as important for us girls to endevour luxurious silks and exquisite materials not only for those garmets visible to the onlookers peeping eyes, but in fact to feel utterly desirable underneath. SO, for those with equally desirable bank balances I present you with some of those sets sprinting faster than Mr Bolt himself, into my wishlist basket!

                                   'Love' Agent Provocateur: £55-£245.00

                                        'Raphaella' @ Agent Provocateur: £95-£495.00

                                   'Fenella' @ Agent Provocateur: £85- £125.00

                                          'Lorna' @ Agent Provocateur:  £45-£245.00

Thorntree Set @ Jack Wills: £50.50 (Perfect for everyday!)

*Awaiting new SS12 lines from Agent Provocateur

The last remaining Jewels of the sale season:

'Hortensia' Myla: £39 WAS £52 (perfect for everyday wear!)
'Hortensia' Myla: £19 WAS £26

'Flora' Myla: £39 WAS £79

'Flora' Myla: £14 WAS £29

Elle Mcpherson Intimates @ Net-A-Porter: £33.50 WAS £67
Elle Mcpherson Intimates @ Net-A-Porter: £18 WAS £36

Agent Provocateur @ Net-A-Porter: £50 WAS £125 (Briefs sold out but neutral colour allows a mix'n'match)
Agent Provocateur: £147.50 WAS £295

La Perla @ Net-A-Porter: £160 WAS £400
The One to Watch: 

Nicole de Carle London: Lust label!

As seen on A-list celebrity Nicole Scherzinger 

'Rita' Myla: £237.00 (Full Set)- My ultimate wishlist set!

Propped comfortably in my now mesmerised atmosphere,  it appears amiable silks, lace & soft polymide are quite the antidote to cure those enchanting undergarment desires. I for one am SOLD on the idea of investing in such pieces, purely and exclusively for ones own enjoyment of feeling fantastically fanciful under some of my most adored essembles. SO, when experiementing with those bold SS12 prints, why not go that extra mile & feel equally dazzling underneath!

'It is the unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accessory of fashion that heralds your arrival and prolongs your departure'Coco Chanel


L x


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